Fast Knit Braiding Machine


Fast Knit Braiding Machine


“COMBI” (Double Head)

Main Features:

The Machine is High speed and still quite in running

Space saving, because of compact design

The yarn packages, generally available in cone form, can directly mounted on creel and fed to the machine

Machine stops automatically in case of yarn breakage or exhausted

Continuous attendance of operator is not required

Any diameter ranging from 2mm to 12mm can be produced on the same machine by just changing the cylinder and thread guide

Construction of cord 4, 6, 8, 12 bobbins is possible on same machine

Density (picks/cm) of produced cord is adjustable by change gears

Technical Specification:

Diameter of cord- 2 to 12mm

Speed- 1200 rpm

Production 80 to 300 meter per hour per head

No. of needles- 4, 6, 8, 12

Motor 0.5 H.P. (0.37 kw)

Net weight 150 Kgs

Required space without creel- 0.5Mtr. x 0.5 Mtr. x 1.5 Mtr. Height

Suitable For:

Ready-Made Garments Cords

Venetian Blind Rope

Shoe Lace Cords

Zipper Cords

Draw Strings / cord

Filler Cord ( Dust Proof Cord ) For ( FIBC ) Jumbo Bags

Fiber Glass Rope

Jute Rope


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